The Shocking Truth About Getting A Car Tyre Puncture Repair

I remember once going to get a car tyre puncture repair and being shocked at how much it cost.

There's an easier way to fix a puncture

Now there’s an easier way to get your car tyre puncture fixed. You can get it done for free.

So I asked some friends how much they’d expect to pay if they got a car tyre puncture.

The range of prices they gave me was unbelievable and way higher than I actually paid.

So I asked them where they’d go to get the repair done.


Soon as I heard their answers I knew why they thought it would be so much.

Most of them said they’d go to Kwik Fit or something like that while the others. And I really couldn’t believe this, said they’d go to the dealer where they bought the car.

That’s why I did this article to try and give people a better idea of how much they should pay. And if you read all the comments below you’ll learn a few things more.

The shocking fact is most people have no idea what a puncture repair costs or what a fair price would be for the repair. In fact it’s a bit like when people go to get their car serviced or repaired.

They’re busy so they just go to their nearest garage. But that often means going to one of the national companies like Halfords Autocentres or Kwik Fit or to a main dealer.

The mechanic then gives them a price and this is the bit I don’t understand. Many of them just accept it without shopping around at other garages to see what price they would charge.

Most People Are Overcharged For Car Tyre Puncture Repairs

Please don’t become one of those people who get regularly over charged for tyre repairs.

Now I actually only paid £8 earlier this year (2011) for my puncture repair and I didn’t think that was cheap because a couple of years earlier I’d only paid a fiver.

The highest guess from one of my friends was, £80! And all the other prices were from £30 upwards.

Can you believe that?

When my friends heard how much I paid they started saying things like:

“It couldn’t be a good quality repair.”

“It must be from a dodgy place.”

“The place had charged me the wrong amount etc, etc.”

But what this showed me was how little most people know about the cost of getting basic car repairs.

I’d already found out that many people didn’t know much about getting their car serviced which is why I wrote this article on car servicing.

Fixing A Puncture Is Easy

Getting a car tyre puncture repair is about as basic as it comes and everyone should have an idea of how little it costs and how quickly it can be done.

The whole process of the fitter finding and fixing the puncture takes under 10 minutes and unless you’ve been driving on your rims, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with the wheel.

All you literally do is drive up, ask how much it would cost, give them the wheel locking nut and they jack the car up to take off the wheel.

Once off they take the tyre off, put it into some water to find the puncture, put a patch over the hole and put it all back again. It couldn’t be any easier.

Did You Know It Was That Easy?

If you knew it was that quick and that easy would you expect to pay £80 or even £30?

So the take away with this is.

If you find you need a car tyre puncture repaired go to one of the independent tyre fitters.

They may not look like much and they’re not going to sit you down and offer you a cup of coffee.

But 10 minutes later you’ll be driving out, puncture fixed with a perfectly good tyre repair and all for a lot less than £80.
Eyes looking down

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What Do You Think?

Read the comments below and have your say.

Would you go to an independent tyre fitter or would you only use car dealers or companies like Kwik Fit and Halfords Autocentres? Have your say in the comments below.

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  1. Bruce says

    Saturday morning I went out to find I had a rear flat tyre, I could see the screw in the middle of the tyre so knew it was a simple repair, living in a very rural part of North Wales the nearest tyre depot is forty miles away, the local garage petrol site is a real bomb site but I thought ” it’s only a quick repair and I’m not taking my car there just the wheel” I will see if they can do it.
    The guy on duty said no problem it will be done this afternoon, ok I could live with that ! I gave him my name and number and he said they would give me a call as soon as it was ready. 4pm came no call so I rang the answer was its not done no apology nothing, I asked when it would be done and got told Sunday, 11am I called down to see if it was ready, when I got there the was a big guy at the back of the garage with my wheel taking the tyre off with a tyre lever ! I asked how long he would be to be told an hour ! I had made a big mistake I had not asked for a price, I told my wife when I got home this is going to be silly money thinking about £15 anyway I went back to collect the wheel and asked how much did I owe ? £25 was the blunt answer no new valve , no wheel balance, could not see any sealant around the rim either, nothing I could do all my fault did not ask for a price. I could have driven the forty miles had the job done in a jiffy and still been £10 better off. I hate been taken for a mug lesson Learnt , Bruce

  2. Duncan says

    I am a mechanic that workes in a garage. When a car comes in for a puncture repair the following happens.
    1. Remove wheel from car unless removed already.
    2. Inflate and check for leak.
    3. Remove tyre.
    4. Drill hole in tyre ready for tyre plug-patch to be fitted.
    5. Clean and degrease where plug-patch to be fitted.
    6. Apply glue. and wait to go off.
    7. Fit plug and roll out any air bubbles,
    8. Clean rim where tyre seats and apply sealing solution.
    9. Fit new rubber tubeless valve.
    10. Refit tyre and inflate.
    11. Balance wheel.
    12. Refit to car.
    13 Check manufacturers book for correct wheel nut torq and torq wheels.
    14. Charge customer £18 inc valve balance and new tubeless valve.

    Total time we get alocated for removal and repair of tyre is 30minutes.
    Really important to get the job done properly.

  3. Shade says

    “Once off they take the tyre off, put it into some water to find the puncture”

    Do they not put the tyre into the water, still on the rim, with pressure inside the tyre to find the puncture?

    Just a thought.

  4. Kevin says

    In my opinion you should be careful about using back street fitters because they don’t always know what they’re doing.

    Often they just go to jack up your car without looking to see where the jacking point is, this happened to a friend of mine and damaged the underside.

    If you go to Kwik Fit they’ll lift the whole car and there’s no chance of any damage occuring to your car.

    • Ron Rodney says

      I’ve never seen that happening at the tyre fitter I use but I suppose it could happen so thanks for the warning.

  5. ontrack says

    Recently had a flat tyre, which I had to fix with the emergency repair kit carried on the vehicle, as car does not have a spare wheel. Went to Kwik Fit to get puncture repaired (nail in tyre tread) and was told as I had used the repair kit the tyre was no longer repairable also that the compound used in the repair kit would rot the tyre. Am I being had?

    • Ron Rodney says

      I don’t know about that one, but a quick visit to any independent fitter and they’d have the answer. Or does anyone here know?

    • Neil says

      I recently had a puncture and used the tyre sealing kit supplied with the car (no spare wheel in car). The next day I went to National tyres and they said that as long as the sealing kit uses a water based compound it would be ok to repair the tyre (most made within the last 5 years are water based). The guy took the tyre off but said that he couldn’t find the puncture and put the tyre back on, pumped it up and it was still holding the air. He said that sometimes these kits can actually seal the hole but if it started to lose air just bring it back in. He did say that the compound when in the tyre absolutely stinks and makes you feel sick if you breath it in, perhaps this is why some garages say that you need a new tyre (can’t be bothered cleaning it). Also in the past I have gone to National with a puncture and they have repaired it free of charge. On their web site you can download a voucher for a free repair (you are only meant to pay for a new valve and wheel balance).

      • Ron Rodney says

        I never knew that about National Tyres, thanks for the heads up Neil. Just wondering though how much did they charge you for the new valve and wheel balance.

        • Neil says

          Ron. After the guy fixed the tyre I was ready to pay but he just told me it was ok there was no charge. Not many times nowadays where you get something for nothing. But i’m not complaining.

      • Joe says

        Sorry mate, that fitter dosnt kno what hes talking about, i work in a garage. That sealing kit gets in the rubber so you can clean it as much as u like the patch will eventually slide off.
        And it never repairs the tyre, he just couldnt be bothered to find the hole.
        You cannot repair a tyre with it in. FACT.

        • Ron Rodney says

          Thanks for that Joe, it just shows how confusing this can all be.

          Does anyone else want to add to this to help other users out.

        • Neil says

          Joe. I have now been driving about with the same tyre for 9 weeks and there is no sign of the tyre pressure reducing. I use the car daily and have probably now covered about 2000 miles and keep checking the pressure every week. When the guy had the tyre off the wheel I was watching while he checked the tyre, he was looking for about 10 minutes but couldn’t find the puncture. I will just need to keep an ete on it though.

    • karen says

      i had a recent puncture called rac out ,he repaired temporary for me and did say if i had used the car repair kit i would have ruined the tyre

  6. Janice says

    I went to Kwik Fit to get a puncture fixed and was told that I needed a new tyre, what they didn’t realise was that I’d already been told that the tyre could be fixed but they were very busy and to come back.

    When I told them this at Kwik Fit they said the person was wrong and Ii needed a new tyre and it was going to be £70.

    I was in a rush so I had to get the tyre but told them I wanted to take my old tyre with me.

    I went to waiting room and when they told me the tyre was fitted I asked for my old tyre and they said it was in the boot.

    Later on I took the old tyre back to the fitter and asked if they could have fixed it, after a coupld of minutes they said it couldn’t be the same tyre I showed them earlier because there was a nail in the sidewall.

    The only way that could have got there was by Kwik Fit.

      • slim says

        I recently had a slow puncture took it to small independent Tyre fitter, there was a screw in the tyre he pulled it out and plugged the hole, cost was £10. Kwik fit will always tell you lies to get more cash out of you, they are target driven and have to reach those targets/profits etc so will always try and screw you for as much as poss.

        • Ron Rodney says

          To be fair Slim not all Kwik Fits are the same. When I’ve got time I’m going to do an article about them from an experience I had a few years back. One of their centres was brilliant and the other one liars.


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