Is Your Job One Of The Least Respected Professions

least respected professions surveyHere's something I stumbled on that I thought you might like.

In a survey to find the least respected and most respected professions in the UK,  the results were really bad news for car salesmen.

The survey carried out by Mario Canseco of Angus Reid Public Opinion released their findings earlier this month.

What they found was nurses and doctors are still the most respected professions in the UK and other parts of the world.

But in the survey only 14% of people have a great deal of respect or a fair amount of respect for car salesmen.

This made car salesmen the least respected profession in the UK, Canada and USA out of a list of 25 professions.

But my question is this – Are the honest car salesmen being treated unfairly?

For a list of the least and most respected professions see below.

Not all car salesmen are the same

I think for honest salespeople the main problem they face is a lot of people know someone who’s been ripped off by a salesman. Or they’ve heard stories of people being ripped off.

But the fact is not all car salesmen are like that. I know there are honest car salesmen because I’ve been out and met them and signed them up for our service.

They’re doing things professionally and trying to help people make the right decisions when buying a car or van.

But what about your job

Do you think people respect your job and is there a job you wouldn't do because of the way people view it. Also is it right that people regard car salesmen like this?

Have your say in the comments below.


Order of the most respected professions

Nurses, Doctors, Scientists, Vets, Engineers, Farmers, Military Officers, Athletes, Teachers, Dentists, Police Officers, Architects, Psychiatrists, Judges, Car Mechanics, Priests, Actors/Artists, Lawyers, Accountants, Builders, Business Execs, Journalist, Politicians, Bankers, Car Salesmen

Full details of the survey can be found by clicking here. If this link does not work do a search for most respected professions on the Angus Reid site.

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    • Ron Rodney says

      Thanks for commenting Toni

      That’s a tough job and I’m grateful someone’s doing it.

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