Audi A4 Problems You Should Know About Before Buying An A4

audi 2l engineYou know the Audi A4 is a great looking car and a great drive. There are however a couple of things you should be aware of before buying one.

In this article I’m going to mention 3 issues that seem to come up again and again in Audi forums.

And if you do a Google search for each of them you’ll see how widespread they are.

But what I can’t understand is why none of the long term reviews in car magazines mention these problems.

These are common and known Audi and A4 problems that buyers should have been told about. Here are 3 of them:-

Audi Oil Consumption

This is a really strange one that I couldn’t get to the bottom of. From what I could find out the Audi 2.0 litre engine seems to have a high oil consumption problem.

But here’s what makes it all difficult. Audi UK say the consumption is normal while in the US they say there is a problem. Read this New York Times article.

And then when you visit the forums some people are saying there’s definitely a problem and also a problem with the oil warning light coming on. While others say they don’t have any of those issues.

All I can say is be prepared for high oil use if you get a 2.0 litre engine.

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Audi A4 Xenon Headlights

There have been various reports of problems with the Audi A4 Xenon headlights either flickering or going out.

Now you might think getting the lights replaced isn’t much of a problem and it shouldn't be. But this is Audi we're talking about.

Here's the deal.

If you have this light problem it looks like you also have to have a control unit changed and guess what, the lights are a pain to change.

What this all means is, a few hours at the Audi garage and with their hourly rate a bill that could be a few hundred pounds.

Look whatever you do. Make sure you mention the problem with the salesman and get it in writing that if the headlights do go they’ll fix them for free.

Audi Coil Recall

Although I’ve titled this the Audi Coil Recall it isn’t an official recall by Audi, it’s a Product Enhancement.

What it basically means is that Audi will replace for free the affected coil pack. If you’re buying from an Audi dealer they will have done it.

However if you’re buying privately check with the owner and if they don’t know call Audi, give them the cars details and they’ll be able to tell if it needs to be done.

Audi Forums For More Advice

These are just 3 issues to look out for when you buy an Audi A4. There are more and my advice would be to join one of the Audi Forums and read what real Audi A4 owners have to say about the brand.

Below are links to the problems. And if you click car repair auctions you can get your Audi repairs done at the best price.

It's also a good idea to check the official Audi recalls that there have been. I did an article on this which you can read by clicking Audi Recalls.

Oil Consumption
Coil Recall

And for the oil warning light just do a Google search and take your pick.

Now can someone tell me why do journalists not write about these things to warn us. See what I also found out about the Mercedes CLK and let's not forget BMW's wheels.

How To Get These Problems Fixed

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