Is Parkers Used Car Prices Guide The Best Used Car Prices Guide?

parkers used car prices guideAmongst the public, Parkers used car prices guide is easily the best known used car price guides out there.

The question is, is it the best one for you to use.

Here’s the thing. If you’re selling or buying a used car privately there’s a good chance the other person will have a copy of the guide.

That means you’re both looking at the same figures and starting on a level footing.

You don’t want to look stupid

But if you turn up at a car auction with a copy of Parkers, everyone will know instantly you’re an amateur.

Any chance you may have had of getting a good deal, will have gone.

You see what trade buyers tend to use is CAP’s Black Book or Glass’s Guide. These Guides have more details and traders say they’re more accurate.

So before you even think about what Guide to use have a quick look at another way to buy the car you want quickly and easily.

So what price guide should you use?

Unfortunately the Black Book is only for traders which is why it’s so hard to beat a dealer when negotiating. They have better knowledge than you on a car’s value.

But luckily with the Internet, choosing between Parkers and Glass isn’t an either or question anymore. Both offer an online valuation service, for a very reasonable fee.

Parkers have in effect put their printed used car prices guide online and firstly offer a basic service for free that will give you a general idea of the value of a car.

Then if you want a more accurate valuation there’s a fee (at the time of writing October 2011) starting from £3.49.

Glasses Guide have taken a slightly different approach. On their site you can either enter the registration of the car or if you don’t have the registration fill out a form.

They’ll then give you the valuation of the car for a fee of £3.95 (October 2011).

Car dealers are better negotiators than most people

I should also mention both companies offer a mobile valuation service. So if you’re not at a computer you can get the valuations via your mobile.

But at the end of the day, what you pay will often come down to your skill at negotiating. Car dealers do it day in, day out and have been doing it for years. So you could still end up paying more or end up selling your car for less than you thought.

Parkers and Glass’s used car prices guides are equally as good, but they are just that, guides. And with dealers also having access to the Black Book and years of negotiating skills, buying a car at a good price can still be very difficult.

Here’s what you need to do next

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